Coronavirus - how do I stand?

If you experience symptoms of illness as a result of Coronavirus, you are entitled to stay at home and receive salary during your absence as with any other illness. But how do you stand if you are not ill?

Q & A about coronavirus

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Should I inform my employer that my illness is due to Coronavirus?

Your employer is not usually entitled to know the nature of your illness, but the authorities have recommended that preventative measures be put in place to prevent the spread of infection. You should therefore inform your employer if you are ill due to Coronavirus so that your employer can contact any colleagues you have been in contact with.

Are you in quarantine at home but not ill?

You are legally considered to be absent from work as this is a force majeure situation where it is not possible for you to attend work for reasons that are no fault of your won. Your employer cannot therefore regard your absence as unlawful absence or dismiss or suspend you for not attending work.

If it is was the decision of the health authorities that you be quarantined at home, you will also be entitled to receive salary during your quarantine as it can be equated with illness. To the extent possible, you must offer to perform your work from home in this situation.

If your employer has dismissed you without the involvement of the authorities, you are entitled to receive salary during your quarantine. To the extent possible, you must offer to perform your work from home.

Can I refuse to work from home?

​If you are in quarantine at home on the basis of recommendations by the authorities or your employer has dismissed you on his or her own initiative, you are obliged to offer to work from home, as long as this is generally possible in terms of your job function. Due the special circumstances that are the background for working at home and the short duration of typically 14 days, it is not required for the work to be performed at a workplace that complies with the Danish Working Environment Authority's guidelines for home-working.

What if I am prevented from attending work due to quarantine abroad?

If you on holiday abroad in an area that the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel guide has advised against travelling to (the yellow countries in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel guide), and are prevented from returning home at a scheduled time because you have been put in quarantine at your hotel by the authorities or on the recommendation of a doctor, this will presumably be equated with a quarantine imposed in Denmark.

If your job function allows you to work remotely, Finansforbundet recommends that you take your work computer with you on holiday. In this way you can offer to perform your work during a possible quarantine abroad, which will minimise the inconvenience for your employer.

What if I am planning a holiday?

If you are planning a holiday, you should follow the travel instructions laid down by the Danish authorities, as well as the instructions laid down by the authorities of the country you are planning to travel to. If you choose to travel to an area that the authorities have advised against and this results in you being prevented from attending work after your holiday, e.g. if you are put in quarantine at your destination or the flights to and from the country are cancelled, your employer may be entitled to dismiss you for unlawful absence.

Can my employer suspend a holiday that I have already planned if the company needs me to work?

Your holiday cannot be suspended once it has started.

Your holiday can be suspended if it has not yet started in the event that significant, unpredictable operational considerations deem it necessary. Your employer may only utilise this option under extreme circumstances. Your employer may suspend your holiday if the circumstances affect the survival of the company or result in significant losses for the company if your holiday is not moved. This is down to a specific assessment however. We therefore recommend that you contact Finansforbundet if you are subject to the requirements.

Can my employer require that I take my holiday or days off in lieu without notice?

Your employer will generally not be able to do this. Your employer will only be able to require the holiday to be taken without notice in exceptional cases. The Financial Union does not believe that such exceptional cases exist in the financial sector in relation to the current situation with Coronavirus. This is down to a specific assessment however. We therefore recommend that you contact Finansforbundet if you are subject to the requirements for taking holiday without notice.

Can my employer impose a 14-day home quarantine without salary if I return from a country where the health authorities do not recommend home quarantine?

No, your employer will not be able to do this, as you have followed the instructions of the authorities. Your employer must pay your salary if he or she asks you to stay home.

Can I refuse to go to work for fear of being infected?

What is my situation if my child is in a particular risk group and I feel insecure about going to work?

The answer is presumably the same as above, as if you were in a particular risk group, but is currently unresolved.

Where do I stand in relation to the temporary closure of my child's school or institution?

 You are entitled to stay home and take care of your children if you have no other option for childcare. To the extent possible, you must offer to perform your work from home.

You must conclude a specific agreement with your employer on how you manage your leave if it is not possible for you to work without your leave.

Want to know more?

You can find information and guidance related to Coronavirus at:

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