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Do like eight out of ten financial-sector employees. Join Finansforbundet (Financial Services Union Denmark) – the strongest partner you could have when forging a career in the financial sector.

We are welcoming all new members by offering the first three months of membership free of charge.

What you get in return:

  • one of the lowest-cost trade unions in Denmark
  • legal advice
  • career advice
  • networking with 50,000 colleagues across sector companies
  • professional events
  • cash benefits​

Membership benefits

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Career advice focused on the financial sector

Get career advice from experienced consultants with in-depth knowledge of your job options and sector trends.

As the only trade union in Denmark to do so, Finansforbundet offers all its members a free online career clarification tool where you identify your preferences and skill-sets and get an opportunity to draw up a specific plan for your career.

If your workplace is a member of the Danish Employers' Association for the Financial Sector (FA), you can also apply for free study/training programmes via the Finanskompetencepuljen (expertise enhancement fund) so you can enhance your level of skills. Finansforbundet's career consultants can advise you on which study/training programme will support your career in the best possible way.

Get career advice

See Finanskompetencepuljen

Visit our online career tool

Events and networking for financial-sector employees only

Finansforbundet organises a wide range of events all over Denmark, and they are usually free of charge for members. The events are tailored to the needs of financial sector employees, enabling you to acquire unique, specialised knowledge about your career, sector trends and other topics. The topics cover sought-after skill-sets and relevant qualifications and span a wide range, such as FinTech, management and personal development.

Finansforbundet facilitates a wide range of networks adapted to various areas of interest and job functions in the financial sector. By participating in one of our networks, you get the opportunity to meet people with, for instance, the same interests, professional expertise or work-related challenges as you.

See Finansforbundet's events

See Finansforbundet's networks

Legal advice

Receive free professional counselling relating to your rights as an employee in the financial sector – irrespective of whether you need help for salary issues, employment contracts, parental-leave rules or dismissal.

Our legal experts and social workers are ready to advise you on the topics of relevance to you.

See the topics we can advise you on

Free membership of Dansk IT

DANSK IT (DIT) is the biggest network for IT professionals in Denmark. All members of Finansforbundet whose work involves IT can join DIT free of charge. Normally, DIT membership costs DKK 1,585 a year.

As a DIT member, you gain access to expertise and experiences from like-minded employees/members of other enterprises and organisations. You also get an opportunity to take part in DIT's after-work meetings held three or four times a month (free for members). The after-work meetings focus on current technical IT issues such as change management, user involvement or requirement modelling.


Low-cost insurance, access to holiday homes and cash discounts

Get low-cost insurance cover from Tryg, holiday discounts via Dansk FolkeFerie, access to holiday homes in Denmark and abroad, as well as cash discounts in some 4,500 shops via your membership of Finansforbundet. You are also eligible for discounts on FINANS and InsideBusiness.

In addition, you can join Dansk IT free of charge.

See Finansforbundet's membership benefits

Specialised assistance in the event of dismissal

Get professional, specialised assistance if you are dismissed:

  • legal assistance
  • psychological support
  • individual career interview
  • job-application help

One of the best collective agreements in Denmark

You get five to six weeks of holiday leave, five personal days and paid parental leave (both mother and father) with the other benefits we have negotiated in place for the entire sector.

As a member, you can also exert influence on your collective agreement and, needless to say, you are also eligible to vote when the new collective agreement is sent out for balloting among the members.

See Finansforbundet's collective agreement



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How much does it cost?

Finansforbundet is one of the lowest-cost trade unions in Denmark. Membership dues if you are:

EmployedDKK 250 per month.
UnemployedDKK 160 per month.
Retired or inactive/passive memberDKK 55 per month.
Trainee or studentFree

Remember that you can deduct DKK 6,000 of your membership dues from your taxes every year.


Remember to notify us of any changes

As you can see, inactive members, such as members on parental leave, pay only DKK 55 per month. So, if for one reason or another, you become unemployed, you do not pay full membership dues either. Therefore, it is important that you notify us of any changes in your life that affect your membership dues.

Contact Member Service on tel. +45 3266 1376 or

Who can join?

All employees of the financial sector and all students enrolled in study programmes aimed at the financial sector may join.

How do I resign my membership?

You can resign your membership by e-mailing, stating your membership or CPR no. and the reason you wish to resign your membership. Unfortunately, it is not possible to resign one's membership over the phone, as we need to receive your resignation in writing.

You may terminate your membership at any time by giving a notice of:

  • 6 months from the first day of the next month, if you are still working in the sector (resignation pursuant to the statutes)
  • 1 month from the first day of the next month if you are unemployed, retired or get a job outside the sector

Any questions?

Service and administration
+45 3266 1376

Do you prefer English?

Please send an email to:

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