Finansforbundet – we speak fluent Finanlish

We bring everyone who works in and for the financial sector together. Our knowledge about the sector makes us your strongest partner, if you continue your IT-career in the world of finance.

​​​​​A membership of Finansforbundet will give you the following:

  • Be the first one to choose your work life and get the best career counselling in the financial sector. 
    The most important thing for you is the most important thing for us. We maintain your focus on your career and your skills. Visit our Work Life Investment Universe –​ a free individual career program, where you can uncover your goals and skills and get a specific plan for your career, that we can follow together.

    Our salary calculator is the optimal way for you to identify your appropriate salary and benefits as an employee in the financial sector.

  • Join a network for IT-employees
    Join our network for IT-employees and get relevant professional advice from IT-colleagues in the financial sector.

  • Get a free membership of Dansk IT
    Finansforbundet cooperate with Dansk IT, the biggest network of IT-specialists in Denmark, and we can offer you a constant update of your IT-knowledge. We can also offer you the possibility of networking with like-minded people with whom you can talk about your professional challenges

    You can choose between 40 different IT-networks and specialist groups and you save the money on a membership fee to Dansk IT, a fee that yearly costs 1.585,-.

  • We also take care of any legal aspects...
    Furthermore you will get access to free professional legal advice about your rights as an employee in the financial sector - regardless of whether it is about pay rolls, contracts, maternity regulations or termination. Our skilled lawyers are always ready to help you.

    We have 1.200 union representatives from work places who knows and understands the environment where you work. We also offer cheap insurances and discounts as the last treat.
As a fintech entrepreneur it is attractive to be a member of Finansforbundet, as it represents the exciting intersection between finance and IT. For a person with an IT-background like me it is especially the network, the career talks and finance oriented courses that are highly relevant." – Simon Ousager, Paradigm Consult & Colorfly


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