How to Work in Denmark: Insights and advice for internationals managing Danes - also for non-members

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It’s been said that managing Danes is like herding cats. Brought up to be inquisitive, innovative, and to challenge authority, your Danish team won’t do what you tell them to just because you are the boss. And they expect a level of transparency and openness you might not be used to in your culture of origin.

  • What motivates Danish employees? It usually isn’t more money or a better title.
  • Why is it important to include every member of the team in the decision-making process, even the student intern?
  • How can you balance a respect for “family time” with the competitive demands of getting things done on the job?
  • What should you do when your Danish team member challenges your authority or your decision-making?

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Kay Xander Mellish is the author of “How to Work in Denmark”, “How to Live in Denmark”, and “Working with Danes: Tips for Americans.” She has worked on staff at Danske Bank, Carlsberg, and Saxo Bank, and currently travels around Denmark helping internationals fit into the Danish workplace.

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