Policy programme

Mission: We strive to ensure our members a meaningful working life

Vision 1
We are the preferred union while you are in the sector
  • We negotiate the agreement for the sector
  • We represent all employees in Nordea
  • We are innovative and trendsetting
  • We generate our results through dialogue and negotiation
  • We support opportunities for a meaningful work life
  • We are the voice of the members at all levels
  • Our community provides strength
  • Each member gets value from their membership
  • We have the courage to stand firm

Vision 2
Nordea’s employees are an attractive workforce who can compete for current and future jobs
  • We strive for everyone to have opportunities for skill development
  • We encourage learning and education 
  • We strive to highlight future needs for skills 
  • We want job changes to be guided by personal choices
  • We want to promote greater internal mobility
  • We encourage Nordea to “re-use” and develop employee skills
  • We clarify Nordea’s responsibility and our own for education, language and cultural understanding
  • We stay informed on the opportunities and challenges caused by globalisation
  • We advocate for timely implementation of new technology and processes

Vision 3
We have a dynamic community across the Nordea countries
  • Our common Nordic agenda ensures influence
  • The community provides opportunities – we handle the dialogues
  • We have influence wherever decisions are made
  • We get knowledge and insight
  • Our close cooperation provides insight and understanding
  • We deal with management on equal footing at all levels
  • We create value for members and management
Vision 4
Union representatives are Finansforbundet in Nordea’s ambassadors in the organisation
  • All members have a union representative so that all voices are heard
  • The members’ requests and challenges are elevated through the union representative system
  • Each member gets value and coaching from the local union representative (including Finansforbundet in Nordea and Finansforbundet)
  • Management gets value and coaching from the local union representative

Vision 5
A balanced work life 
  • Members have influence on work-life balance
  • We ensure members’ influence on their own work tasks
  • We ensure frameworks and conditions throughout work life 
  • We strive for positive frameworks and conditions for physical and mental well-being
  • We take the lead and motivate employees to have the courage to set boundaries
  • We strive for a stress-free Nordea

Vision 6
Employees want to work at and recommend Nordea
  • We want to work towards onboarding and offboarding processes being good experiences
  • We ensure there is a balance between critical and positive stories
  • We strive for employees to be proud to work at Nordea 
  • We put responsibility on management to ensure the values are adhered to
  • We strive to be the best workplace in the sector
  • We strive to increase employee involvement in new processes/tools etc.
  • We demand trustworthy communication – the WHY has to make sense