From Kreds Nordea to Finansforbundet in Nordea

For the past month, we have changed our name on Intra, website and emails etc. from Kreds Nordea to Finansforbundet in Nordea - and from today the new name is official!

Our new name may not be short, but it describes us quite accurately: We are here for all of you who are members of Finansforbundet (the Financial Services Union Denmark) and who are employed by Nordea. We hope that by making the association with Finansforbundet visible in our name, we get a clearer profile towards members and potential members.

Today, we also unveil our new logo, which reflects a modern Finansforbundet, which acts every day for the benefit of its members – you!

Sign up
If you are not yet in the community, you can register at As a member you in return get one of the lowest-cost trade unions in Denmark, legal advice, career advice, network with 50,000 colleagues across the sector companies, professional events and cash benefits. The purchase of the first three months membership free of charge.

Do you want your colleague to join too?
If you have a colleague who is not a member but would like to be contacted, please give us a hint before December 31, 2019, at If he or she becomes a member, you will receive a gift certificate valued at DKK 400.

Contact us
You can contact Finansforbundet in Nordea on tel. (+45) 55 47 82 00 Monday-Thursday 8.30-16 and Friday 8.30-15 or email Also, visit our website at (more English content to be added soon).

Best regards,
Finansforbundet in Nordea


The history
What is today called Finansforbundet in Nordea was founded on January 12, 1991, with the name Unikreds. This happened the year after Privatbanken, Andelsbanken and SDS merged into Unibank. 

Unikreds logo_168px.png
When Unibank became Nordea in 2000 through a merger of banks in the four Nordic countries, Unikreds changed its name to Nordkreds the year after:

NordKreds logo POS_168px.jpg

The logo was adjusted a bit in 2004:

In 2006 the name was changed to Kreds Nordea:


Union in Nordea was officially established in 2005 to match Nordea's trans-Nordic organization and strengthen the cooperation between the unions in the four Nordic countries - from 2015 also Poland.