Inspiration for MyTalk and People Review

As inspiration for your MyTalk and People Review, Finansforbundet in Danske Bank has collected a number of questions that you can ask yourself as preparation.


Am I good at my job?

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  • How do I behave towards my colleagues and my manager?
  • How do I behave towards my customers?
  • How are Danske Bank's core values reflected in my workplace conduct?


  • How do I live up to the collective performance goals in my team?
  • How do I live up to my individual performance goals?
  • How can my performance be maintained or improved?


  • What motivates me in my work?
  • What demotivates me in my work?
  • How can my work be organised to ensure that I am as highly motivated as possible?

Is my job suitable for me?

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  • Do I have the right competencies to perform my work satisfactorily?
  • Do I have the competencies described in my job profile?
  • Which competencies do I need to upgrade?

Working life and well-being

  • Does my current job entail a good work-life balance?
  • Do I thrive in my current position with my current work tasks?
  • Do I feel secure in my current position with my current work tasks?

Future prospects for the job

  • How are the future prospects for my current position? (Is there a risk of job disappearance?)
  • Can I future-orient my career better by upgrading my competencies to another position?
  • Am I satisfied with my current position – or would I like to try something else?